Dirty Date

My friend and I took a moment to survey the scene. The dance floor was packed with women dressed in ruffled skirts and lace and men in festive ranchero attire. It was Celebración de Los Dignatarios at the Santa Barbara Zoo and the crowd was beginning to get a little tipsy – you could tell... Continue Reading →


Flashback: Dad Date

Another dating story that never saw the light. Introducing rendezvous number two of my single life in Santa Barbara. As I fumbled for my key to unlock the shop I worked in at the time, an envelope wedged between the door and door frame caught my eye. To Elizabeth. I plucked it free, opened the... Continue Reading →

Therapy Date

  A huge bouquet of flowers arrived at the little Montecito boutique I worked in at the time. When I say huge, I mean huge. It took up half the counter space and the three-foot-tall wooden frame (yes, frame) encompassing the vase was later used as a garden accessory. The card read, “I came in... Continue Reading →

Did I Shave My Legs for This?

The buildup was pretty grand. We had met a couple times through mutual friends before he got the courage to ask me out, which I happily accepted. A dinner date for Tuesday night at Arigato was penned in my calendar, and from our past interactions, it seemed it would be an easy-to-talk-to, fun date. He... Continue Reading →

The Dating Game

It’s for research. Or, it was at first anyway. My friend and I are trading stories of a guy we both had gone out with (seriously) and after a few laughs, she turns the subject to Santa Barbara Matchmaking, a local dating concierge service owned by Lisa Darsonval-Amador. She speaks enthusiastically about her experience and... Continue Reading →

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