A Test of Faith(fulness)

Words are heavy. In the last column, I wrote “life will continue to put obstacles or tests in our path to make sure we want to continue in the direction we are heading.” I imagine it was a way of establishing strength on the subject. A type of insurance for the future. Boy, did I... Continue Reading →


Big Sir.

In all the scenarios I’ve created in my head, I never thought we’d find ourselves naked in the hot springs off the cliffs of Big Sur. It had been almost three and half years since we met. At that time, I was mid-adventure on Highway 1, drawn toward a fragmented sign that read “Library” laying... Continue Reading →

Trimming The Fat

Staring down at the contents of my closet and drawers made me realize that most of the stuff I’ve been holding on to served little purpose in my life. The catalyst was my mom. She had mentioned the best-seller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo.... Continue Reading →

Living Outside the Box

I knew it wouldn’t be easy. In fact, it was kind of a cluster f*ck. My goal was to get a passport in fewer than two weeks and in order for one to do so, one must go to a semi-shady business outside Beverly Hills with your birth certificate, ID, and cash money. For the... Continue Reading →

Diving Down (Former) Lovers Lane

I was kinda surprised by his answer. While traveling down the 101, he put his hand and onmy knee and gave a big squeeze and a grin. “What’s that smile for?” I asked. Endearingly, Jason said, “I want to know about your past relationships.” Really? I thought. All of them? I am perfectly fine not... Continue Reading →

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