I thought to myself, we go to Home Depot when we want to spruce up a house so why not go to a sex shop to spruce up a sex life? I notice people walk by a sex store, maybe try to sneak a peek through the doors, but generally keep going with their eyes... Continue Reading →

Bad Date Exit Strategies

We've all been there... It's a first date, (hopefully not a blind date) and it's not going so well. It's going so bad actually, that you just need to get out of there before you have one too many margaritas and then can't even figure out how to Uber you ass home. So, to avoid... Continue Reading →

Booty Call

  It was lust at first sight. We locked eyes a gas station in Carpinteria on the corner of Via Real and Santa Monica Road. Small talk about an Earth Day celebration turned into surf talk turned into the hot surfer boy getting my number. He’s not my usual type. The salty hair and tanned... Continue Reading →

Hurt So Good

This may seem odd, but up to this point, I had never truly had my heart broken. I’d been sad when past relationships ended, but this one was different.

Going down?

Oral sex is good. It's sooooo good! Very often it's foreplay. And not the main course. But, if oral sex is the main course, then get comfortable. You’re gonna want to take your time. So a comfortable position is important to get the job done. And relax. Just have fun. Be playful. As long as you’re... Continue Reading →

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