Dating As Mindful Meditation

You’re not alone. As humans, we sometimes allow past experiences to drag us down. But there is good news in the bad – the yin to the yang. Noticing when this happens is a step in the right direction. According to my meditation teachers, and every magazine in Whole Foods, it’s called “being mindful”. And... Continue Reading →



The night began at the Shakesbeer Festival a few years ago at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum. Dark beer combined with not eating much was an obvious terrible decision and the only thing saving me from getting hammered too fast was sitting through sporadic Shakespeare performances which helped prolong each drink. After the last show,... Continue Reading →

Love Is A Battlefield

I had dinner with the guy who broke my heart, and it was everything I didn’t want it to be. It had been a year since we had seen each other. A whole year of mending, meeting people, dating, and moving past our relationship. Or so I thought. Two weeks prior, it was brought to... Continue Reading →

The One Who Got Away

He was one of the worst boyfriends I ever had, but I guess I can’t really blame him as he was just one of many bad choices I made at the time. I had just moved from New York City to Folly Beach, South Carolina, longing to be a beach bum to thaw out from... Continue Reading →

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