It’s called The Cock Cam…

UK company, Julz, is showing off a new product. It's called the Cock Cam. Imagine a GoPro but for your sexual adventures. Because sometimes you just want to see things from the point of view of your dick. And not everyone will feel they need to see this angle. But for those who are into... Continue Reading →

Free The “V”

As I swung open the metal door, the smell of sweat and steam flooded my senses. I followed the grey-and-tan tiled floor down the short hallway and turned to enter the main room. That’s when it hit me. Literally. I bumped into a woman, fully naked and freshly showered, with a full bush. “Pardon me,... Continue Reading →

You, Me, and We

They don’t tell you about the major life shift that happens when acquiring a relationship when you are in your 30s. The early days, for me, were an adjustment and I still find myself settling in, seven months later. The first time he stayed over, he asked which side of the bed I preferred. My... Continue Reading →

The Bros of Santa Barbara

After many hours of research on the beaches of Santa Barbara, my friend and I realized we love the “bros”! You may ask, “What is a ‘bro’?” or “Isn’t it ‘brah’?” Good questions. According to local sources, a “bro” is used to describe a person (i.e., “Yeah, Chris has been my bro since I’m three... Continue Reading →

A Test of Faith(fulness)

Words are heavy. In the last column, I wrote “life will continue to put obstacles or tests in our path to make sure we want to continue in the direction we are heading.” I imagine it was a way of establishing strength on the subject. A type of insurance for the future. Boy, did I... Continue Reading →

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