How to Keep a Lover

  How to Keep a Lover Congratulations. You’ve found yourself in a situation that pretty much rules: having a lover. A lover equals obtaining sex on your watch without the baggage of a relationship. This is ideal for a woman playing the field to get her carnal needs met. It can be easy, if you... Continue Reading →


It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday

One of the hardest parts of dating is telling the other person you’re not interested. Whether you’ve moved on to greener pastures or you are infamously, “just not that into him or her,” it’s awkward for everyone involved and requires you to put on your game face, be an adult, and deal with it. Either... Continue Reading →

Real Talk

One of the best dates I’ve been on was with a gentleman from Argentina. We met on Butterfly Beach in passing, as I headed to my car at the top of the stairs to grab an extra blanket. He’s asked my name. I could tell he was young (25 maybe?), but his thick accent was... Continue Reading →

Dating As Mindful Meditation

You’re not alone. As humans, we sometimes allow past experiences to drag us down. But there is good news in the bad – the yin to the yang. Noticing when this happens is a step in the right direction. According to my meditation teachers, and every magazine in Whole Foods, it’s called “being mindful”. And... Continue Reading →


The night began at the Shakesbeer Festival a few years ago at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum. Dark beer combined with not eating much was an obvious terrible decision and the only thing saving me from getting hammered too fast was sitting through sporadic Shakespeare performances which helped prolong each drink. After the last show,... Continue Reading →

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