Sex? More Please!

I recently read an article in the Washington Post about the decline of sexual activity among young adults. The article by Christopher Ingraham, says that 2018 had the highest number of single people. A study conducted by the General Social Survey found that 23 percent of Americans ages 18 to 29 had sex a total... Continue Reading →


Let’s keep it clean…

Extend your toys life by caring for them properly.

Masturbate! Masturbate! Masturbate!

Yes May is masturbation month and here's why you should be masturbating year round: Masturbation will help you de-stress. Masturbation helps you fall asleep. A deep sleep! Masturbation helps boost your immune system. Masturbation helps you learn how to last longer during sex. Masturbation may help prevent prostate cancer. Masturbation can also help keep your... Continue Reading →

Ribbed and Flavored and Magnum, Oh My…

  There are so many condom options available. Some are lubricated, some are not. Some are colorful and some glow in the dark. Some are extra-large and some a little snugger. Some are lubricated and some are flavored. Some are even designed to enhance your pleasure. So which ones are for you? Well, that depends.... Continue Reading →

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