Free The “V”

As I swung open the metal door, the smell of sweat and steam flooded my senses. I followed the grey-and-tan tiled floor down the short hallway and turned to enter the main room. That’s when it hit me. Literally. I bumped into a woman, fully naked and freshly showered, with a full bush. “Pardon me,... Continue Reading →

You, Me, and We

They don’t tell you about the major life shift that happens when acquiring a relationship when you are in your 30s. The early days, for me, were an adjustment and I still find myself settling in, seven months later. The first time he stayed over, he asked which side of the bed I preferred. My... Continue Reading →

The Bros of Santa Barbara

After many hours of research on the beaches of Santa Barbara, my friend and I realized we love the “bros”! You may ask, “What is a ‘bro’?” or “Isn’t it ‘brah’?” Good questions. According to local sources, a “bro” is used to describe a person (i.e., “Yeah, Chris has been my bro since I’m three... Continue Reading →

A Test of Faith(fulness)

Words are heavy. In the last column, I wrote “life will continue to put obstacles or tests in our path to make sure we want to continue in the direction we are heading.” I imagine it was a way of establishing strength on the subject. A type of insurance for the future. Boy, did I... Continue Reading →

Big Sir.

In all the scenarios I’ve created in my head, I never thought we’d find ourselves naked in the hot springs off the cliffs of Big Sur. It had been almost three and half years since we met. At that time, I was mid-adventure on Highway 1, drawn toward a fragmented sign that read “Library” laying... Continue Reading →

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