Santa Barbara: Melrose Place by the Sea

When you date someone from Santa Barbara (and I mean, really from Santa Barbara), you’ve got to prepare yourself to face your partner’s former relationships at any given moment. Especially, if said person has a reputation of women throwing themselves at his feet. The concept of “six degrees of separation” shrinks down to about one... Continue Reading →


Meet Cute

It's ironic I happened to be writing the "How to Keep A Lover" article (last issue) when we met. I was in the zone, tapping my laptop keys not nearly as fast as my mind was racing, when I heard someone enter the office. Muffled voices in the front room were nothing new. People come... Continue Reading →

How to Keep a Lover

  How to Keep a Lover Congratulations. You’ve found yourself in a situation that pretty much rules: having a lover. A lover equals obtaining sex on your watch without the baggage of a relationship. This is ideal for a woman playing the field to get her carnal needs met. It can be easy, if you... Continue Reading →

Real Talk

One of the best dates I’ve been on was with a gentleman from Argentina. We met on Butterfly Beach in passing, as I headed to my car at the top of the stairs to grab an extra blanket. He’s asked my name. I could tell he was young (25 maybe?), but his thick accent was... Continue Reading →

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