Flashback: Dad Date

Another dating story that never saw the light. Introducing rendezvous number two of my single life in Santa Barbara. As I fumbled for my key to unlock the shop I worked in at the time, an envelope wedged between the door and door frame caught my eye. To Elizabeth. I plucked it free, opened the... Continue Reading →

Therapy Date

  A huge bouquet of flowers arrived at the little Montecito boutique I worked in at the time. When I say huge, I mean huge. It took up half the counter space and the three-foot-tall wooden frame (yes, frame) encompassing the vase was later used as a garden accessory. The card read, “I came in... Continue Reading →

Did I Shave My Legs for This?

The buildup was pretty grand. We had met a couple times through mutual friends before he got the courage to ask me out, which I happily accepted. A dinner date for Tuesday night at Arigato was penned in my calendar, and from our past interactions, it seemed it would be an easy-to-talk-to, fun date. He... Continue Reading →

The Dating Game

It’s for research. Or, it was at first anyway. My friend and I are trading stories of a guy we both had gone out with (seriously) and after a few laughs, she turns the subject to Santa Barbara Matchmaking, a local dating concierge service owned by Lisa Darsonval-Amador. She speaks enthusiastically about her experience and... Continue Reading →

I thought to myself, we go to Home Depot when we want to spruce up a house so why not go to a sex shop to spruce up a sex life? I notice people walk by a sex store, maybe try to sneak a peek through the doors, but generally keep going with their eyes... Continue Reading →

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