ED Eats

Before you decide on anything else, if you are suddenly having trouble getting or staying hard, go see your doctor. There could be something seriously wrong. ED is often an early indicator of some very serious health problems. So don’t put it off any longer. 

OK, now we can get into talking about doing things that will help prevent ED from ever becoming a problem for you. Of course there are quick fixes like Viagra and Cialis. But there are ways you can keep your vascular system healthy so you don’t have to rely on these medications. The goal is a low-fat, mainly plant based diet. Animal products are rich in saturated fat. And this over time will have a big effect on your erections. Of course some men will be more susceptible to these negative effects than others. So let’s go over some every day foods that can help you stay rock hard. 

Check out these foods and start thinking about integrating them into your daily meals:

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