I thought to myself, we go to Home Depot when we want to spruce up a house so why not go to a sex shop to spruce up a sex life? I notice people walk by a sex store, maybe try to sneak a peek through the doors, but generally keep going with their eyes focused on the sidewalk ahead. For some reason, theres an embarrassment factorwhen it comes to entering and adult store (myself included, at first). But why should we feel ashamed to want to achieve the best orgasm possible? Beats me.

Ive thankfully learned there are more to sex shops than penis straws. You may be
surprised (or already know) what technology has brought to the adult product industry. The most inventive product I
ve discovered is the We-Vibe, a vibrator geared toward women that is activated via remote control or an app on your phone. The woman wears it and her partner controls it, bringing a casual day or cocktail party into a private world of your own sexual delight. If your phone can link to your lovers (similar to a Face Time connection), then youre good to go. AHallelujahto long-distance relationships that yearn to be more hands-on. No longer do people need to rely solely on phone sex and their own hands Which isnt bad, but nice to have options to switch things up. TheresweVibe4_Plus-features-slate_1_0.png also organic and vegan lubes available to satisfy even the most health-conscious of sexual beings to eat it up or slip it in. Hell-to-the-yes.


One of the best reasons for shopping in a physical store is the knowledgeable staff who is available to guide you through any questions you may have. If you cant make it in, give them a ring. They are your sommeliers of sex toys and have been trained to know specifics. And dont worry, theyve heard it all. Which means no judgment or need to blush when asking about a vibrator or other sexual accouterment.

As much as some may feel they dont need help in that department,the truth is we could all use a little tip here and there on how to please our partner and ourselves on a more arousing, orgasmically explosive level. It can be hard to voice our sexual desires to a partner but, as everything in life, communication is the key to happiness. You and your partner need to understand your desires in the boudoir and feel free to experiment in order to fully engage in an act of one of the greatest pleasures we have as humans. Sex can be the most romantic, causal, wild, rough, and sensual activity between two or multiple people And its safe to say that weve all done it, do it, and plan to do it again.

So, lets hold our heads high when we roll up in an adult shop or click our computer or phone keys to fill our shopping carts with goodies. Its time to entertain our nightstands, closets, or sex dungeons with exotic goodies with no shame. You and your partner will thank you.


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