Going down?

Oral sex is good. It’s sooooo good! Very often it’s foreplay. And not the main course. But, if oral sex is the main course, then get comfortable. You’re gonna want to take your time. So a comfortable position is important to get the job done. And relax. Just have fun. Be playful. As long as you’re giving his penis attention, he’s gonna have a good time.



Of course it’s always best to be safe. If you have any concern at all, it’s a good idea to use a condom. And keep in mind that condoms come in all kinds of flavors you can chose from. Also, there are all kinds of flavored gels you can use to make his penis even tastier. 😉


Man taking off his jeans before sex.

It’s important to pay attention to his body language and his breathing. Notice when his body tenses up. Notice when he tries to thrust a little. Notice when his breathing gets heavier. And also notice when his penis becomes firmer. And don’t forget to listen. Encourage him to tell you what he likes and what he dislikes.


Keep your hands busy. Stroke the shaft as you stimulate the head with your tongue. A really sensitive spot is the underside of the head. Stimulate that part with your tongue or gently with your fingers. Use your hands to play with his balls if he likes that stimulation. The most important thing to remember is to watch your teeth. If you keep your lips puckered you’ll be ok. Keep your jaw relaxed and use your tongue to shield your teeth.


OK, deepthroating might feel really good for him, but it’s a skill only few are capable of. I recommend moving your hand and mouth up and down around his penis in at the same time so that it feels like his penis is going deeper. There are oral sprays and drops that can help relax the back of your throat so you don’t gag as easily. I don’t recommend these much but if you feel adventurous and are determined, then you might wanna try them out.



You start to feel him tense up you know he’s about to blow. What do you do? Ask him before you get to this point what he would like. Does he want to finish in your mouth? Does he want you to swallow? Do you? Where is he going to finish? That’s going to depend on what both of you want. He may want to finish in your mouth but you may not want to swallow. Have a towel or some tissue handy for what you get to this point. Even if you decide to pull him out of your mouth and stroke him to a finish, you’ll need something to clean things up.


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