Let’s keep it clean…

Keeping your toys clean and ready is very important. Proper toy maintenance will help extend your toys life and will help make sure you keep your body healthy. There are so many toy cleaners available on the market. There are are foam cleaners, spray cleaners, anti-bacterial cleaners, organic cleaners, scented… But wichever your preference, it’s important to make sure to clean your toys after every single use.

Sex toys are made from very different materials. Some materials are better at keeping bacteria from collecting. Such as pure silicone, stainless steel or glass. These materials are good because they are non-porus. They do not trap dirt or bacteria. And they are way easier to disenfect and clean. These materials can easily be boiled or even thrown into the dishwasher to kill bacteria and thouroughly clean them.

All other materials, while still safe for your body, do require replacing more often. Other materials can be very porus. This means they can hang on to bacteria. And it means they will wear out faster. These include materials such as Cyberskin, Jelly, UR3, and anything else that has a soft feel to it. These toys are perfectly fine. Lots of favorites are made out of thse materials. Just make sure to keep them clean.

Regardless of the material your toy is made of, make sure you clean them after every use. Make sure to keep each toy in it’s own case or baggie. Some materials are not exactly friendly to each other and can actually ruin your toy. It’s also a good idea to powder your toys when you put them away. This keeps anything from clinging on to your toy. Keeps them nice and fresh until you use them again.

Look below for some our favorite toy cleaners.




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