Ribbed and Flavored and Magnum, Oh My…


There are so many condom options available. Some are lubricated, some are not. Some are colorful and some glow in the dark. Some are extra-large and some a little snugger. Some are lubricated and some are flavored. Some are even designed to enhance your pleasure.

So which ones are for you? Well, that depends. It’s good to always have condoms available. Because you never know when you might need them. But if you can plan ahead, then you can take the time to pick out something a little less plain for you and your partner.


So where to start…? How about the basics… Plain latex condoms are very handy anytime you need protection. Some are lubricated and some are not. But both offer good protection. Find more to choose from here.

LS1503 TJ90752


These condoms are great basics. You can use them for vaginal sex, anal sex and oral sex. And they are compatible with any type of water or silicone based lubricant. NEVER use an oil based lubricant with condoms.

For anyone who is allergic to latex, you have options too! Polyisoprene and Polyurethane are common materials that offer protection like a latex condom. Find them here.

LS7512 TJ90220



For oral sex, we recommend flavored latex condoms. Using a condom for oral sex is a good idea for keeping yourself extra protected. But regular condoms won’t taste very good. So flavored condoms help make things a little more tasty.

durex_tropical_flavors endurance_flavored_3



And don’t forget, there are some more exciting styles to pick from. Some have ribs and nubs for extra stimulation. Some have pleasure enhancing lubricants that offer great new sensations. Find great selections here.





Some condoms are coated with Spermicidal Lubricant. Spermicide is an extra level of protection that helps stop sperm in it’s tracks. Therefore greater reducing the chance of pregnancy. But keep in mind that it will NOT fight against STD’s. It’s meant only to reduce the chance of pregnancy.



Try them all out! Have fun and see what you prefer. Condoms don’t have to be boring. You can add a little extra to your sex life while you protect yourself. Find more here.



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