Foreplay The Right Way ;)


There isn’t always time for foreplay. We understand some urges happen all too quickly. But when you do have some time, make foreplay good! Make it SO good! It’s important not to make sex routine. It’s always exciting when you try something new. So everything that leads up to intercourse is very important. Of course you can always try new positions. But you can get even more creative with all that comes before you get into your position of choice.

Foreplay is such  an important part of sex. For couples it’s a great way learn even more about each other. Don’t be afraid to explore each other. Always making sure to pay attention to your partners body. Notice the way their body responds to the way you touch them. And more importantly, listen to your partner. This is the time when you can feel free to talk to each other any way you desire. Dirty talk can be very exciting. Focus on what you’d like to do to your partner. Any fantasies in mind, this is the time to voice them. Just be careful not to get too cheesy. Your partner will for sure let you know what sounds and feels good.

Remember that you don’t have to rush. Take your time. Be as gentle or as rough as your partner desires.



Foreplay for women starts long before you’ve started undressing. Way before you know you’ll start making the moves, start making a move! And it doesn’t have to be a touch. It can be a warm compliment. A kiss on the neck. A thoughtful home cooked dinner. Pay attention to the details. Because she’ll notice. And she’ll appreciate the effort you put into making her happy.

For some, the breasts are the favorite part. But be careful not to immediately go for the nipple and the areola. The areas just before you get to the areola are actually the most sensitive areas for most women. So take your time in caressing and kissing the top and bottom of the breast. Use your whole hand to cup them and massage them before you start to work on the nipple. Some women enjoy a little nibbling on the nipple. But pay close attention to how her body responds if you try it. Be gentle and ask her if it feels good. Be aware of how her body responds because breasts in particular can fluctuate in sensitivity.



Give him a massage. Give him kisses where he most likes. Around the neck. Low on his stomach.

Guys appreciate a good tease. If you’re comfortable with it, get naked for him. Flaunt yourself to him. And don’t let him touch you. The desire to have you will drive him crazy. Once you do begin touching him, tease him even further. Pay attention to his body. As soon as you see it tense up, stop suddenly. And distract him once again with your body. Or talk to him. Tell him your desires while he calms a bit. Keep doing this a few times. The excitement will build up for him and his climax will be intense!


Have fun exploring each other. And of course, don’t be afraid to suggest fun add-ons to your passionate nights. A small vibrator or penis ring can really excite things. Check our Couples Toys top picks.


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