Your First Toy




Stepping into an adult novelty store for the first time can be intimidating. Shopping online can be a much easier and less uncomfortable. But shopping person gives you a better idea of what you are buying. You can see the toy and better judge if it’s the right size and right material. Employees can also turn the toy on for you so you know exactly how it works. Store employees are well informed when it comes to the products you in the store. They can give you some good feedback and recommendations. As well as ideas!

But if you’re just too shy… here are some tips for picking out your first sex toy.


Let’s start with a classic, the Basic Vibrator:

shake it up power massagernick haw gigolo vibrator                             silicone vibrator

These are the most basic and dependable of vibrators. It has a very basic shape that can be used to stimulate any part of your body. It’s the perfect toy to start with. They’re available in different types of materials, plain plastic, soft coated, metal, glass… These work very simply with either a push button or dial to adjust the speed. Always check that the one you are buying is waterproof so you can use it anywhere!


Eggs,Bullets and Rockets

ibullet purpleplay it up bullet          pocket rocket


These kinds of toys are great because they can be used when you are going solo or with a partner. They are small and usually pretty powerful. Use these to stimulate your clitoris. Use them while your partner is penetrating you to enhance the pleasure.


Vibrating Cock Rings

tor_vibe_cock_ring                             purple cock ring                          pink cock ring dual


Cock rings are great for both partners. Place them around the base of his penis and click it on. When he presses in, the vibrating bullet will press against your clitoris. He will also feel the vibrations thru the length of his penis, enhancing his pleasure as well. These rings are a great way to start using toys. They’re non-intrusive and non-intimidating.


There are so many variations of all these toys. Some have a simple on off switch. Some offer speed adjustments or pulsations. Some are wired and some have wireless remotes. There are also so many differences in materials. So shop around!


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