Lube Basics



Silicone Vs. Water Based

Lube can be broken up into two basic types: silicone and water based.  Both types have pros and cons.
Both are condom safe (it’s massage oils & oil based lubricants you want to stay away from).

Silicone-Based lubricant lasts forever – and I mean forever!  It never gets sticky or tacky, and it’ll leave your skin feeling silky smooth.
It does require soap and water to clean up – which can be a good thing if you’re looking to get down in the shower,
as it’ll last quite a while in the water.  It can leave grease like stains on your sheets, but they’ll come out in one or two washes.
One major drawback to silicone lubricant is that it’s not safe to use on silicone or lifelike adult toys.

Water-Based lubricant is comprised mostly of water, so it dries up eventually and needs to be reapplied.
It is generally thicker than silicone-based lube, so it can add extra comfort and padding.
It’s non-staining, easy to clean and safe to use on all adult toys.

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