cyber pussy

CyberSkin (Ultraskin, Eroskin, Softskin, SoftTouch, Cyber Jel-lee, Fanta-Flesh, Futurotic and UR3) is a very soft flesh-like material. It’s very flexible and stretchy and warms up much like actual flesh. Some really great toys are made of this material and provide a very realistic experience. But this material requires just a little more maintenance than others. Not a whole lot, but maintaining it will ensure it’s fresh and ready every time you need it. And you will also extend the life of the toy. Just follow these easy steps:

1. Always use a water based lubricant when using these kinds of toys. Any other type of lubricant, Silicone or Oil Based, will begin to break down the toy.

2. After each use, make sure to wash with soap and water or an anti-bacterial toy cleaner and allow to air dry.

3. Once the toy has dried, inside and out, dust lightly with plain corn starch. (Unscented talcum powder or baby powder will work just fine too, but we don’t recommend it for    women as studies have shown it can increase cervical cancer risk. ) Keeping your toy powdered will keep lint and other stuff from sticking to it.

4. Store it away in it’s own plastic zip baggie. This will keep it from coming into contact with other materials which may damage it.


And that’s it! Do this every time you use your toy and you will enjoy your toy a lot more!


cyber vibrator

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