National Orgasm Day

July 31st is National Orgasm Day. Take the time to celebrate! Alone or with a partner, take some time on this very special day to celebrate. Let me list all the reasons why it’s so important: Orgasms release oxytocin in the brain which help relieve any stress makes you feel good and relaxed. Orgasms release endorphins... Continue Reading →

ED Eats

Before you decide on anything else, if you are suddenly having trouble getting or staying hard, go see your doctor. There could be something seriously wrong. ED is often an early indicator of some very serious health problems. So don’t put it off any longer.  OK, now we can get into talking about doing things... Continue Reading →

Sex? More Please!

I recently read an article in the Washington Post about the decline of sexual activity among young adults. The article by Christopher Ingraham, says that 2018 had the highest number of single people. A study conducted by the General Social Survey found that 23 percent of Americans ages 18 to 29 had sex a total... Continue Reading →

It’s called The Cock Cam…

UK company, Julz, is showing off a new product. It's called the Cock Cam. Imagine a GoPro but for your sexual adventures. Because sometimes you just want to see things from the point of view of your dick. And not everyone will feel they need to see this angle. But for those who are into... Continue Reading →

Free The “V”

As I swung open the metal door, the smell of sweat and steam flooded my senses. I followed the grey-and-tan tiled floor down the short hallway and turned to enter the main room. That’s when it hit me. Literally. I bumped into a woman, fully naked and freshly showered, with a full bush. “Pardon me,... Continue Reading →

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